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Docker for 3DCityDB

The 3DCityDB is also available as Docker images. Find out more.

Software Licensing

Our software is open source and released under the terms of Apache.

Download the Web Feature Service

The 3D City Database Web Feature Service (WFS) is provided as a Java WAR (web archive) file from the package below. Besides the WAR file, the distribution package also contains Java libraries that render mandatory dependencies for the WFS service and therefore must be installed as shared libraries in your servlet container. (Version 4.3.0 | 31 MB) (Version 4.3.0 | 800 KB)

The 3D City Database WFS is implemented as Java web application based on the Java Servlet technology. It therefore must be run in a Java servlet container on a web server. The WFS implementation has been successfully deployed and tested on Apache Tomcat 8 and Apache Tomcat 7. The following minimum software requirements have to be met:

  • Java servlet container supporting the Java Servlet 3.1 / 3.0 specification
  • Java version 11 or higher (e.g. Oracle JDK or OpenJDK)

How to install the Web Feature Service

  • Download the WFS distribution package
  • Install and properly configure your Java servlet container
    Please refer to the documentation of your servlet container for hints on installation and configuration. Make sure that the servlet container uses Java 11 (or higher) for running web applications and that it has enough memory assigned (heap space ~ 1GB or more).
  • Install the mandatory JAR libraries in your servlet container
  • Deploy the WFS WAR file on your servlet container
  • Configure the WFS service

The configuration of the WFS service is comprehensively described in the 3D City Database documentation.

An alternative way to install and run the WFS is provided by running a preconfigured Docker container, which is described here.

Previous Versions

The Web Feature Service for older versions of the 3D City Database can still be downloaded using the hyperlinks below. These require Java 8 Runtime Environment (Java 7 or earlier versions are not supported). (Version 4.2.0 | 42.9 MB) (Version 4.2.0 | 42.9 MB) (Version 4.1.0 | 43.0 MB) (Version 4.1.0 | 23.5 MB) (Version 4.0.0 | 41.5 MB) (Version 4.0.0 | 24.7 MB) (Version 3.3.2 | 52.8 MB) (Version 3.3.1 | 52.7 MB) (Version 3.3.0 | 52.0 MB) (Version 3.0 | 9.9 MB)