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Software and Tools

The 3D City Database is a free 3D geo database to store, represent, and manage virtual 3D city models on top of a standard spatial relational database. The database model contains semantically rich, hierarchically structured, multi-scale urban objects facilitating complex GIS modeling and analysis tasks, far beyond visualization. [Read more]

The 3D City Database Importer/Exporter is a Java based front-end for high-performance importing and exporting spatial data for a virtual 3D city model (i.e. CityGML, CityJSON, KML, COLLADA, glTF). [Read more]

The Importer/Exporter Plugins allow adding specific capabilities to the Importer/Exporter front-end for interacting with the 3D City Database or external data. [Read more]

The Web Feature Service interface allows web-based access to the 3D city objects stored in the database. WFS clients can directly connect to this interface and retrieve 3D content for a wide variety of purposes. [Read more]

The 3DCityDB-Web-Map-Client is a web-based front-end for high-performance 3D visualization and interactive exploration of arbitrarily large semantic 3D city models. [Read more]

citygml4j is a Java class library and API for facilitating work with the City Geography Markup Language (CityGML). citygml4j makes it easy to read, process, and write CityGML datasets and to develop CityGML-aware software applications. [Read more]