3DCityDB in Action

The 3D City Database Database is used in productive environments in cities, mapping agencies, and research projects from all over the world. (Scroll down this page for online demos)

For example, the following cities employ 3DCityDB for the management of their official virtual 3D city model (all based on the CityGML standard):

  • Berlin, Germany
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Munich, Germany
  • Dresden, Germany
  • Hannover, Germany
  • Potsdam, Germany
  • Leipzig, Germany
  • Ludwigsburg, Germany
  • Gelsenkirchen, Germany
  • Kempten, Germany
  • Salzburg, Austria
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Singapore
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Poznań, Poland
  • Tokyo, Japan

The development of the Official 3D City Model of Berlin was one of the drivers and major test cases for the database development in the past. The Berlin City Model now encompasses more than 560,000 fully textured building models in LoD2 and more than 200 detailed models in LoD3/4 which are stored and continuously updated in the 3D City Database. Since 2015 the 3D City Model of Berlin is Open Data. It can be downloaded – together with some further CityGML-based city models – from the CityGML Wiki homepage.

A nice and comprehensive collection of Open CityGML Datasets from all over the world that can be directly imported and used with the 3DCityDB is provided in the Awesome CityGML list.

Almost all state mapping agencies of the 16 states in Germany are using 3DCityDB to manage and maintain their LOD1 and LOD2 models of all buildings of the entire states. Furthermore, all building models are integrated within one national geodata repository. The official national 3D building model of the Federal Republic of Germany (LoD-DE) currently includes approximately 51 million objects. The nationwide distribution of the data is organized through the “Zentrale Stelle Hauskoordinaten und Hausumringe” (ZSHH). Data management and distribution are both realized based on the 3DCityDB.

Here are some direct links to 3D web visualizations of 3D city models that have been created on the basis of 3DCityDB and its tools:

The following research projects, among others, employ 3DCityDB:

While some of the mentioned municipalities and projects employ the pure Open Source distribution of 3DCityDB, others are using the commercial products virtualcitySUITE and novaFACTORY which are built around 3DCityDB from the two development partners virtualcitySYSTEMS and M.O.S.S. respectively.

If your city, mapping agency, or project uses 3DCityDB and is not listed above, please let us know. We are keen to hear about further applications. If you want, we will include your city, institution, or project in the above list. Please contact the 3DCityDB steering group at: 3dcitydb@tum.de.

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Are you using the 3D City Database?

Please contact us if you are using the 3D City Database in your city, in your project, or in any testing or production environment.