Do you need Google Earth?

Explore our demo visualizations in 3D with Google Earth. Download the latest version here.

Visualizations Connected to the Cloud

3D visualizations can be connected with cloud services which allows manipulating e.g. building attributes online, location-independent, centralized, and by multiple users. To increase software performance, Geometry and Extruded display forms can be used. Geometry reduces buildings to their spatial mesh without textures and Extruded simply use footprint extruded to their measured height. The demo visualization has been connected to the Google Cloud (Google Docs), allowing manipulating attributes within a Google Spreadsheet. Please note that since the demo dataset is available to everyone, the attribute values are not necessarily correct. | Gasometer_2.kml

Hints for Usage

The .kml start file can be downloaded directly into Google Earth by clicking on the Gasometer_2.kml file. The complete demo KML files including the .kml start file can be downloaded as a .zip compressed folder for local browsing. Google Earth needs to be installed on your computer.