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Software Licensing

Our software is open source and released under the terms of Apache.


Starting from version 4.3.0, the 3DCityDB documentation has been moved completely to an online-only version. PDF files are no longer provided for new versions. This allows us to better organize and maintain the documentation of all software components and versions in one place.

The latest online 3DCityDB documentation can be found here.

The documentation of the 3DCityDB Suite 2023.0 covers the 3D City Database 4.4.0, the Importer/Exporter 5.4.0, and the 3D Web Viewer 1.9.1.

Documentation for previous releases

The documentation for previous releases of the 3D City Database (3.x, 4.0) can be downloaded using the hyperlinks below. Please scroll down to see all available downloads for all older releases.

3DCityDB_Documentation_v4.0.docx (73.1 MB)
3DCityDB_Documentation_v4.0.pdf  (21.5 MB)

3DCityDB_Documentation_v3.3.docx (53.9 MB)
3DCityDB_Documentation_v3.3.pdf  (47.9 MB)

3DCityDB_Documentation_v3.docx (32 MB)
3DCityDB_Documentation_v3.pdf  (13.2 MB)

The documentation for the old version (3D City Database 2.0) can still be downloaded using the hyperlinks below. It covers all releases 2.x.x.

3DCityDB-Documentation-v2_0.doc (12,2 MB)
3DCityDB-Documentation-v2_0.pdf (5,8 MB)

The document below contains the addendum to the 3D City Database Documentation 2.0.1, coming with the 3D City Database 2.1.0 and the Importer/Exporter 1.3 to 1.6

3DCityDB-Documentation-Addendum-v2_1.docx (11.8 MB)
3DCityDB-Documentation-Addendum-v2_1.pdf (4.6 MB)

Previous Documentation for the PostGIS Port

The documents below provide the documentation on the 3D City Database 2.0.6 and the Importer/Exporter 1.4 to 1.5 for PostgreSQL/PostGIS. Note that the documents focus on the PostGIS-specific details.

3DCityDB-v2_0_6-postgis-Tutorial.pdf (465 KB)
3DCityDB-v2_0_6-postgis-Port-Documentation-PLpgSQL.pdf (353 KB)
3DCityDB-v2_0_6-postgis-Port-Documentation-Java.pdf (512 KB)