Do you need Google Earth?

Explore our demo visualizations in 3D with Google Earth. Download the latest version here.

Thematically Rich Model for Energy Concepts

City models can be enriched with balloons carrying individual information about each building on display, targeting different decision makers. Balloon contents and layout can be customized to meet their particular needs, for example the same model can contain balloons with urbanistic information relevant to builders and city developers or balloons carrying solar capacity data tailored to energy experts. The demo data set represents a part of the official Solar-Atlas of Berlin. | Gasometer_1.kml

Hints for Usage

The .kml start file can be downloaded directly into Google Earth by clicking on the Gasometer_1.kml file. The complete demo COLLADA files including the .kml start file can be downloaded as a .zip compressed folder for local browsing. Google Earth needs to be installed on your computer.

Note: The current version of Google Earth seems to have a problem loading large tiled COLLADA models. In order to avoid the problem and get the whole model loaded, please move slowly through the scene.