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Software Licensing

Our software is open source and released under the terms of Apache.

Download citygml4j

citygml4j is an open source Java library and API for OGC CityGML. citygml4j makes it easy to parse, process, and write CityGML datasets and to develop CityGML-aware software. The package below contains the citygml4j version 3.0.0 library, which fully supports CityGML 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. citygml4j supports also reading and writing CityGML datasets containing Application Domain Extensions (ADEs). Furthermore, reading and writing of OGC CityJSON is supported. (Version 3.0.0 | 19.2 MB)

The source code and instructions to build and import the package citygml4j are available on GitHub. Please report any bugs or defects as well as feature requests through the GitHub issue tracker.

Previous Versions

Earlier versions of citygml4j can still be downloaded from the github releases page (going back to version 2.2.0).

Even older versions can be downloaded below. (Version 2.0ea | 29.4 MB) (Version 2.0ea | 29.7 MB) (Version 2.0ea | 14.3 MB) (Version 1.0 | 27.9 MB) (Version 1.0 | 28.2 MB) (Version 1.0 | 13.7 MB)