Software Licensing

Our software is open source and released under the terms of Apache.

Software Project Page

Visit our GitHub Page for details, further material, the GitHub repository, etc. Get access to the Wiki, and report bugs.

Docker for 3DCityDB

The 3DCityDB is also available as Docker images. Find out more.

Download citygml4j

The package below contains the citygml4j version 2.9.1 library, the libraries required to satisfy mandatory dependencies, the Javadoc API documentation, source code examples, and the ade-xjc ADE Schema compiler. (Version 2.9.1 | 21.3 MB)

The source code of citygml4j is available on GitHub
Please report any bugs or defects as well as feature requests through the GitHub issue tracker.

Maven artifact

citygml4j is also available as Maven artifact from the Central Maven Repository. To add citygml4j to your project with Maven, add the following code to your pom.xml. You may need to adapt the citygml4j version number.


Previous Versions

Previous versions of citygml4j are also available as listed below. (Version 2.7.0 | 23.0 MB) (Version 2.5.0 | 23.0 MB) (Version 2.4.0 | 20.3 MB) (Version 2.2 | 20.6 MB) (Version 2.0ea | 29.4 MB) (Version 2.0ea | 29.7 MB) (Version 2.0ea | 14.3 MB) (Version 1.0 | 27.9 MB) (Version 1.0 | 28.2 MB) (Version 1.0 | 13.7 MB)

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