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Docker for 3DCityDB

The 3DCityDB is also available as Docker images. Find out more.

Software Licensing

Our software is open source and released under the terms of Apache.

Download the 3D City Database

The package below contains the SQL scripts needed to create an instance of the 3D City Database on either Oracle Spatial / Locator or PostgreSQL/PostGIS. Note that the scripts are also included in the main Installer package available from the Download page. Please refer to the 3DCityDB Documentation for detailed explanations. The documentation also contains the relation diagrams as Oracle JDeveloper version 12 project and PostgreSQL pgModeler project respectively. The JDeveloper relation diagrams were also used to create the database figures in the documentation. Scroll down for previous versions. (Version 4.1.0 | Oracle & PostGIS | 300 KB)

Note that the 3DCityDB is also available as Docker containers including either a complete PostGIS or Oracle Spatial / Locator installation. Set up an instance of the 3DCityDB on your desktop computer, on a server, or in the cloud with just a single command in a Windows, MacOS, or Linux shell! See the documentation on the Docker support for 3DCityDB for more details.


The 3D City Database requires access to a working installation of Oracle or PostgreSQL/PostGIS. For Oracle, versions 10g R2, 11g R1, 11g R2, 12c, and 19c with Spatial or Locator licensing option are supported. (We did not test the 3DCityDB with Oracle 21c so far.) The installation of all available patches from Oracle is highly recommended for optimal stability and performance. For Oracle 10g R2, at least patch set is required for using the KML/COLLADA export capabilities. For PostgreSQL, version 9.3 or higher with the PostGIS extension 2.0 or higher is required.

For detailed information consult the Documentation.

Previous Versions

The scripts for the older versions of the 3DCityDB can still be downloaded using the hyperlinks below. (Version 4.0.0 | Oracle & PostGIS | 19.9 MB) (Version 4.0.0 | Oracle & PostGIS | 19.9 MB) (Version 3.3.1 | Oracle & PostGIS | 103.0 MB) (Version 3.3.0 | Oracle & PostGIS | 101.0 MB) (Version 3.0.0 | Oracle only | 47.8 MB) (Version 3.0.0 | PostGIS only | 48.3 MB) (Version 2.1.0 | Oracle only | 9.3 MB) (Version 2.1.0 | PostGIS only | 9.2 MB) (Version 2.0.6 | Oracle only | 164 KB) (Version 2.0.6 | PostGIS only | 102 KB) (Version 2.0.5 | Oracle only | 161 KB)

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