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Software Project Page

Visit our GitHub Page for details, further material, the GitHub repository, etc. Get access to the Wiki, and report bugs.

Docker for 3DCityDB

The 3DCityDB is also available as Docker images. Find out more.

Importer/Exporter Plugins

The functionality of the 3D City Database Importer/Exporter can be extended in a modular and incremental way with the installation of plugins adding specific capabilities for interacting with the 3D City Database or external data. An SDK for the development is included in the download package.

Open Source

The Spreadsheet Generator plugin allows general purpose exports of feature attributes from a 3D City Database instance as spreadsheets. Supported output formats are CSV and Microsoft Excel with variable formatting.

The ADE Manager is a plugin for the 3D City Database Importer/Exporter (starting with version 4.0.0) and allows users and developers to dynamically extend a 3D City Database (3DCityDB) instance for high-performance storage and management of CityGML Application Domain Extensions (ADE).

These plugins are part of the Importer/Exporter package and can optionally be chosen for installation during setup.


Integrate plugin by virtualcitySYSTEMS to merge external CityGML data with the database content incl. addition of LoDs and Appearance information.

Manager plugin by virtualcitySYSTEMS combines different data management modules along with complex attribute filter settings, e.g. to add material appearances or to delete objects, single LoDs and appearances

If you have developed a plugin for the Importer/Exporter, please let us know! It will be listed here.


The 3D City Database Importer/Exporter is free software under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Note that plugins are not required to be licensed under Apache 2.0, but may have their own license.