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3D City Database Importer/Exporter

The 3D City Database Importer/Exporter is a Java based front-end for the 3D City Database. It allows for high-performance importing and exporting spatial data for a virtual 3D city model. The City Geography Markup Language (CityGML) is used as data exchange format and CityGML instance documents of arbitrary file size are supported. Since version 4.3.0 CityJSON is also supported as import/export format.

3D City Database contents can be exported in KML, COLLADA and glTF formats creating individual visualizations for different requirements. KML/COLLADA/glTF models are supported in a broad range of applications, such as earth browser like Google Earth, Cesium, NASA World Wind or ArcGIS. Built-in support for object highlighting and generic creation of KML information balloons facilitate the interactive exploration of your 3D city models.

The 3D City Database Importer/Exporter is shipped with both a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for end-user interaction and a Command Line Interface (CLI). The latter one allows for employing the tool in batch processing workflows or embedding its functionality into third party applications.


The 3D City Database is free software under the Apache License, Version 2.0