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The 3DCityDB is also available as Docker images. Find out more.

3D City Database

The 3D City Database is a free 3D geo database solution to store, represent, and manage virtual 3D city models on top of the spatial relational database systems Oracle Spatial/Locator or PostgreSQL with PostGIS. The database model contains semantically rich, hierarchically structured, multi-scale urban objects facilitating complex GIS modeling and analysis tasks, far beyond visualization. The schema of the 3D City Database is based on the City Geography Markup Language (CityGML), the international standard for representing and exchanging virtual 3D city models.

The 3D City Database is shipped as a collection of SQL scripts which allow for creating and dropping instances of the 3D City Database on top of an Oracle Spatial or PostgreSQL/PostGIS DBMS. Project files for database schema modelling software are provided as well (Oracle: JDeveloper, PostgreSQL: pgModeler).

3DCityDB comes with Docker support, i.e. all software modules can be operated from within Docker containers. Downloading 3DCityDB including PostGIS/PostgreSQL and setting up an empty database can be performed with just a single command! See instructions here.


The 3D City Database is free software under the Apache License, Version 2.0