The award winning 3D City Database is a free 3D geo database to store, represent, and manage virtual 3D city models on top of a standard spatial relational database. The database model contains semantically rich, hierarchically structured, multi-scale urban objects facilitating complex GIS modeling and analysis tasks, far beyond visualization.

The 3D City Database comes with additional software providing easy data exchange or facilitating coupling with cloud services. The 3D City Database content can be directly exported in KML and COLLADA formats for the visualisation in a broad range of applications like Google Earth, ArcGIS and ArcGIS Explorer.

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New Major Release

31.03.2015: 3D City Database v3.0 and Importer/Exporter v3.0 for Oracle and PostGIS available now!

Project Funding

The project has been financially supported by the "Europäische Fonds für regionale Entwicklung" (EFRE).


The 3D City Database won the Oracle Spatial Excellence Award

Chair of Geoinformatics | Technische Universität München